Welcome to my site you beautiful people. It’s great to meet you!

My name is Megan Richards, I have worked within wildlife conservation and rehabilitation since 2013.

Here’s a bit about my journey so far: I’ve worked within South Africa rescuing and rehabilitating rhino calves for several years and I am a director of Council of Contributors, a respected and rapidly growing non-profit organization committed to supporting rhino conservation. I am also the author of Eyelashes of an Elephant, a book about living and working in a rhino and elephant orphanage during the peak of the poaching crisis, and Coexistence, a book about the building bonds with rescued rhino orphans.

I’m using this platform to share stories of some of my adventures in the hope that it inspires you to live a life of kindness, passion and love.

I truly believe we will always be pulled back to nature, it is our home. We need to step up and protect nature, before it is too late. I hope after reading some of these stories, you will be reminded of your innate love for wildlife, nature and… life. It’s time to follow your heart and go after your life’s purpose.

Tread lightly on this Earth,

Coexistwithmeg ♥
Megan Richards
Writer. Conservationist. Director of Council of Contributors.

P.s. that smile looks good on you. Don’t forget to show it off today 🙂

Contact: If you’d like to get in touch, e-mail me on Coexistwithmeg@gmail.com or head over to my Facebook or Instagram page. I look forward to hearing from you.