I began writing Coexistence after my first experience raising baby rhinos, most of the book was written and edited while working at a rhino orphanage. I would spend my night shifts with my laptop producing what is now known as Coexistence.

Coexistence is focussed on the unique bonds formed between the orphaned rhinoceros calves and the carers. Experience the love, the gentleness and the trust first hand.

It’s available to buy as an e-book or a paperback on Amazon.


Excerpt from Coexistence:

Chapter: Tswalu

“[Tswalu] would sometimes lie very close so his head was almost touching me, he would let out a big breath through his nostrils, sending sand into the air. I felt so relaxed with him. To be able to sit with him so close, my hand stroking him or resting on him and to have that connection with him is something I will never forget. I cannot fathom it when people don’t think of animals as sentient beings – all you have to do is look into an animals eyes and they tell their own story. I would look into his eyes and feel connected to him. My deep love for these animals and the moments I had with them gave me more respect, understanding and craving for coexistence than ever before.”


I am currently writing my second book and I am so excited to share it all with you.

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Megan Richards