Eyelashes of an Elephant

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation in action.

Inspiring true story of conservation in South Africa.

In 2015, the middle of the rhino poaching crisis, Megan Richards accepts a new job as a rhino carer at a rhino orphanage in rural South Africa. Megan, Alyson (orphanage manager) and Axel (rhino carer) are enthusiastic as they get to know the charm and cheekiness of Ithuba, the first rescued rhino calf in their care.

The team of three quickly discover it is not all fun and games when their greatest fear begins to materialize, they are informed of rhino poachers targeting the orphanage. Night shifts become terrifying and gun shots can be heard echoing through the bush. The team knows that they cannot relax while poaching is rife and rhino horn is worth so much on the black market.

Continuing their duty of rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need, Alyson and Axel respond to a call about a tiny baby elephant while Megan prepares the intensive care unit. The knee-high elephant is no more than a few weeks old and needs around the clock care causing excitement, trepidation and intense strain on the team. Renowned for being difficult to hand raise, the team scrambles to keep the elephant alive, feeding him every 30 minutes and treating his wounds. To make matters worse, two rhino orphans arrive at the centre within days of each other. Both severely traumatized and dehydrated.

As the workload is shared between the rescuers and kindhearted volunteers who have come to lend a hand, the young elephants personality begins to shine as he regains health.

The goal is to rehabilitate these orphans so they can one day be released back into the wild. Join the team as they work day and night to save these vulnerable animals and get to know some of the cheeky, playful personalities of the orphans themselves.

Eyelashes of an Elephant is a fulfilling journey that shines a light on the work of wildlife rehabilitation centres and will give you a new perspective on the wildlife we share this world with.

Eyelashes of an Elephant is available as an ebook and paperback on Amazon and on demand from Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and more.