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Puppy Blog: First Week At Home

Meet Shackleton, the newest addition to our family! This blog follows our journey and experiences. Join us for cute pictures, fun adventures, and lots of tips on making the most of this beautiful, challenging, and sometimes exhausting introduction to being a dog parent.

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How To Socialise A Puppy

A puppy needs to be fully vaccinated before it is safe for them to go out and about exploring. However, this doesn’t mean they need to spend the first 12 weeks of their lives cooped up without exposure to the outside world (in fact, this would do more harm than good). Socialisation begins with the…

Puppy Blog: First Week At Home

Picking up our new puppy, Shackleton, was one of the most exciting days (although most of it was spent sitting in the car and we were absolutely exhausted by the end of it). As many new owners do, we picked Shackleton up when he was 8 weeks old. At this age he was not yet…

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