Veterinary Care Assistant

A veterinary care assistant works alongside vets and vet nurses in order to provide nursing and ensure the wellbeing of animals that are in their care.

In day to day work you may; exercise, groom and feed inpatients, monitor and provide care to inpatients, prepare areas and equipment for procedures, clean animal enclosures, restrain animals for treatment, help with reception duties and record keeping.

Key Skills Required:

  • Passion for animals, animal care and welfare
  • Practical skills (animal handling)
  • Administration and IT skills
  • Excellent Communication
  • Effective team work skills
  • Attention to detail

Key Points to Know:

  • You may be required to work unsociable hours e.g. evenings and weekends.
  • Work can be long, physically and emotionally demanding but very rewarding.
  • You will be supervised by vets or vet nurses so you must be able to take direction and listen carefully to instruction.

To be a Veterinary Care Assistant you will need to:

Study a Level 2 Diploma for Veterinary Care Assistants. This course requires you to be employed or volunteering within a veterinary practice and can often be studied online.

Estimated average salary: £12,000 and £21,000 annually.

As a Veterinary Care Assistant, you can anticipate employment in a variety of roles including:

  • Vet practices
  • Animal charities
  • Boarding kennels
  • Grooming salons
  • Zoos
  • Farms

From here, you can decide to progress and study to become a veterinary nurse or study additional qualifications and certificates. This is a great way to begin a career in a veterinary environment, if you enjoy the work you can opt to complete further study in order to progress.

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