A Secret…

Ok guys, it’s time for a secret to be revealed……

It is COMPLETELY normal to feel ‘lost’ at times!! So stop beating yourself up about it.

Let’s strip things back for a second, take off our brave faces and be honest. How many of us have had moments where we’ve felt lost or alone?
Everyone is raising their hands right now.

So, why don’t we talk about it? I feel like there are so many ‘expectations’ that now everyone is so conscious of appearing strong & in full control that it stops us from connecting with each other and being honest. Just because we have ups & downs that does not mean we are not strong, inspiring people. It doesn’t mean we are failures. It doesn’t take anything away from who we are.

I feel like honesty brings people together and allows us to help each other to get through tough times. It’s time to let go of expectations, consider what brings you happiness, take a few deep breaths & express gratitude. We don’t have to have our whole lives planned out to take a step forward, so stop putting pressure on yourself and enjoy the journey. You will be okay, even if it doesn’t feel that way all the time.

Much love,

Coexistwithmeg ♥

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