Council of Contributors

Happy Rhino Friday! 

During my online absence a lot of exciting things have happened. I am back in South Africa, I am writing my new book and I am a director of an incredible non profit called Council Of Contributors.

As many of you know, earlier this year there was a horrific poaching attack on a rhino orphanage in South Africa. As a result of this 2 orphaned rhinos, Impy and Gugu, lost their lives for nothing more than the horns on their faces. My heart was ripped from my chest & the international community mourned the loss of these two special souls. Kennedy and I both worked with these rhino calves and the news really brought home the extent on the poaching crisis. I could have curled up and shielded myself from the world for the rest of my life but I couldn’t cope with having my head buried in the sand when I knew damn well what was happening around me. So, I boarded a plane to South Africa to see what I could do to help the situation.

I think one of the worst feelings is to feel helpless, to feel as if there is nothing you can do. Kennedy came up with the Council Of Contributors concept so we can all do our part for rhino. We are not helpless, we have the power to make big things happen.


Council Of Contributors has 3 focus areas:


We’ve managed to support several worthy and important causes over the past few months since we began and I know we are going to do so much more too. We’ve helped to fund the training of 2 Pit Track anti poaching dogs, we’ve purchased solar powered camera traps for remote and unintrusive monitoring of a black rhino breeding project, we’ve bought high quality boots for an anti poaching unit who spend day and night protecting rhino and we’ve bought a walk on large animal scale for a rehabilitation project. We’ve managed to reach out and in one way or another help, improve or be part of all of these projects, it is amazing and it is possible because everyone is coming together to do their bit for rhino.

“Big things happen when we all do our small part.”

Our latest project goal :

Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya

To raise enough money to buy a much needed high-end VHF digital radio as well as new uniforms and equipment for 4 of the Rhino Protection Unit Rangers.

You can help a whole host of amazing rhino warriors and know that you are doing your bit for rhino by becoming a contributor.

Join Council Of Contributors

I am SO proud to be part of this and I hope you are too.

Peace & love,

Coexistwithmeg ♥


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