Coexist With Rhinos

Starting March, I will be embarking on a 75 day walk around the entire coastline of Wales. This 1,400km walk is to raise awareness of the plight of rhino and funds for Council of Contributors – a non-profit dedicated to supporting the people down on the ground helping to save rhino from extinction.

I will do this walk DRESSED AS A RHINO if we can get £500 raised by February 25th!! 

To donate please head to my Justgiving page.

If you would like to follow the progress of the walk please follow my Facebook Page, Instagram or Youtube. I will be posting regularly on these pages with updates.

I am doing this walk in support of rhinos, having worked closely within rhino conservation for over 5 years I know just how much of a difference this fundraising will make.

Thank you,

Coexistwithmeg ♥



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