Be The Good

Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to believe there is any good in the world, it is for this reason that you, yourself, should be the good.

I am saying this today because following the terrible events that unfolded last week at Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage I felt absolutely broken, my soul was shattered and if I am being completely honest with you I had lost a tremendous amount of hope. I was questioning what good was actually left in this world and asking where we could possibly go from here…  I was in the deep, dark rabbit hole of distress but even in this darkness I had a glimmer of hope remaining.

I used this drop of hope and created a crowdfunding campaign in the hope of making some kind of a positive difference to the orphanage. Before I knew it there were others who also had hope, bringing light and love into the darkness.

Many people from all over the world were stepping up by donating money and raising awareness, by being the good! So many people brought their glimmer of hope and helped to drive out more and more of the darkness. In this case, we very quickly managed to raise huge amounts of money (over $47,000) for improved security at the orphanage! What a truly wonderful thing to happen during such a terrible time. So many people uniting is a very strong and effective occurrence, and it is as a result of each and every individual because every single glimmer is needed in order to make the light shine bright.

It has been this widespread pouring of light that has helped me to remember that we must not only never lose hope but we should also always be the good.

The most damning thing in the world is to think that you do not make a difference. Every single thing you do and action you take has an impact on the world around you. You make decisions all day every day that make a difference so take this as a friendly reminder to always be the good in the world… (You never know who you are helping up by doing so).

I would like to thank each and every person who has helped in whatever way  to bring light during such a dark time.


4 thoughts on “Be The Good

  1. How could anyone not respond,when they consider the love and devotion that You give to these unfortunate babies.Keep up the good work.


  2. Megan, thank you for your passion. You have made a mark on this earth and it is a pleasure to donate to great people, an incredible cause and to the most beautiful animals in the world ( except cats). Rhino hugs!


  3. This is so beautifully written and expressed. These words and thoughts go deep as we truly must be the good…… do the good….. because there is so much of the other. Thank you for sharing from your heart. You are beautiful and with your hands and heart you have touched so many. Continue your work that in that hope that resides there will rise great things that live on……


  4. Sometimes hope is all we have. When we offer it up and others do the same-oh what a beautiful thing!
    And it IS that shared hope and pain in which we keep each other going.
    Peace & love Megan.


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