Go On Micro-Adventures

Everyone seems to spend their time waiting… Waiting for summer, waiting to be rich, waiting to retire… What’s the use if you’re not enjoying the here and now? So much could happen between now and whatever it is you are waiting for, the only thing we have is the present moment.

Do what makes you smile, what makes you laugh, what makes you forget to check your phone. Don’t think that adventures are limited to a 2 month backpacking trip in Thailand because they are not! Spend a day, a weekend, whatever free time you have doing something you love. Pack some food in the car and drive somewhere new.

So many people work like crazy Monday – Friday and then don’t do what they love at the weekend. Break out of this cycle. Remind yourself what it is like to be spontaneous, to have fun. Stop waiting and start living. It does not need to cost a lot or involve a lot. At the weekend we walked in the forest, had sundowners at the beach and a fire at home. It was all inexpensive and close to home but it was rich in experience and good for the soul.

Right now, arrange a micro-adventure for the weekend.

Never stop exploring.


One thought on “Go On Micro-Adventures

  1. Excellent Megs! Congratulations on your beautiful site and of course, your book! That’s a whole lot of dedication and bravery and you should be incredibly proud of all of yourself. Take care, Mike Ferguson


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