What To Do If You Find An Animal In Need

HELP! I Found an Animal In Need – What Do I Do?

Always call your local wildlife rescue centre if you have found a wild animal that is in need.

If you’re not sure if the animal needs help or not, the first thing to do is look for signs of injury and visually evaluate the animal from a safe distance. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there any blood visible?
  • Is the animal showing any signs of weakness?
  • Does the animal have laboured breathing?
  • Is the animal seizing?
  • Is the animal conscious? (Is the animal conscious but immobile? The animal could simply be resting)
  • Has the animal been caught or trapped?
  • Can the animal move? If the animal is not able to move away from human contact it may be very injured or weak. If it moves away slowly, watch out for signs of injury or broken bones.

Most people call wildlife rehabilitation centres about baby animals that they think have been abandoned. A baby animal that is alone is often not abandoned or orphaned (although this is sometimes the case).

This is why it is important to first monitor the animal and look for signs of distress or injury. If the parents do not return or you see signs of distress or injury then intervention may be necessary.

A baby animal that is alone is often not abandoned or orphaned.

Although you are trying to help, intervening with a baby animal without first being sure the parents are not around is more damaging as its best chance of survival is with its family.  

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