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Is Kruger Still A Stronghold For Africa’s Rhino Population?

Anyone who has been following the plight of Africa’s rhino will have noticed that population statistics are hard to come by. This week, years of silence have been broken regarding the rhino population in Kruger National Park (KNP). Unfortunately, the news is pretty grim. Rhino Poaching Statistics At A Glance: 67% decline in Kruger’s white […]

Sad News From Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park have announced 6 of their Park Rangers were killed in an attack on the morning of Sunday 10th January 2021. Another ranger was seriously wounded and has been taken to hospital in Goma for treatment. The rangers were ambushed near Kabuendo, near the border of the park. It is believed the rangers […]

The Latest News in Rhino Conservation and the Rhino Horn Trade

TRAFFIC Report “Insights from the incarcerated: An Assessment of the illicit supply chain in wildlife in South Africa” This is an interesting report that gives insights into the operation of wildlife crime within South Africa. The study involved interviewing offenders convicted for their involvement in wildlife crimes including the poaching/ trade of rhino horn, abalone […]

What Drives The Demand For Rhino Horn?

The consumer demand for rhino horn is primarily from Asia, with Vietnam and China being the top markets. A 2019 article discussed the results of a study looking at the demand for rhino horn in Vietnam. The study involved interviewing people who use rhino horn in Vietnam. The study found that people used rhino horn […]


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